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Hiring: Lead Software Engineer

We are an innovation project on a working 20 hectare farm near Zurich, where we develop new methods, technology and agricultural machines to make regenerative mosaic farming scalable. One of the core pillars for us is the development of a Google-Maps-like “digital twin” of the farm that

allows logging of observations, planning highly diverse crop rotations and managing the work with this diversity efficiently. For this app, we are looking for a hands-on developer to work together with the (non-technical) founding team to continue building upon our farm management tool MVP (web and mobile app).

Your Role

  • You will hang out with forward-thinking, data-driven, cutting-edge regenerative agriculture farmers, get your boots dirty, understand the tools and processes that make regenerative farming possible and develop the software to enable them to scale.

  • You will take over responsibility for the current PoC version of the web/ mobile application from the external agency that developed it (over an onboarding period, working with the remote team).

  • You will work with our PO and a small group of initial users on getting the software usable as quickly as possible while designing for future use cases and scalability. The goal is to make the solution increasingly useful for our daily work on a continuous basis. You will also surface and drive purely technical requirements to ensure tech debt remains at an appropriate level at all times.

  • You will be hands-on and responsible for designing, architecting and implementing new features and change requests.You will own the technical side of the entire software development lifecycle - from requirements engineering through to release and maintenance. You will build and maintain all technical artifacts including code, infrastructure, documentation, etc.

  • You will be writing high-quality, clean, modular, scalable, secure code including implementing new functionality and refactoring to ensure the application remains stable, efficient and ready to keep growing. You will deliver increments in an agile way that add value to an always working codebase.

  • You will write unit and functional tests for your code where appropriate, ensuring an adequate level of test coverage at all times.

  • You will help grow the team, including choosing, interviewing and assessing candidates.

  • You will conduct code reviews and be responsible for the quality of all code and other technical artifacts.

  • You will manage the software development lifecycle and provide guidance on the scrum methodology, including team rituals and role interactions

Our tech stack

  • TS everywhere

  • Express

  • MongoDB

  • Docker + Kubernetes

  • AWS

  • Angular

  • Ionic + Capacitor

  • BI Tools

Our methodology

  • Agile software development (scrum)

  • Unit/integration testing

  • CI+CD

  • Devops

Your Profile

  • You are excited about HofLabor’s mission to scale our unique version of regenerative farming and keen to immerse yourself in the challenge of farming in a living ecosystem

  • You have 5+ years of experience in software development

  • You are a strong analytical thinker who enjoys solving complex problems in teamwork with us

  • You enjoy paying attention to detail as well as keeping a strong eye on the bigger picture - helping us to design the simplest possible MVP while creating a strong foundation for the future

  • You have strong skills and/or experience with the technologies from our tech stack (see above)

  • You are comfortable in German in conversations and technical discussions

What we offer

  • You will join a highly ambitious but long-term oriented team. We offer a role with purpose, the potential for

  • real impact on the transition to regenerative farming, and so-far unsolved tech challenges. You will be exposed to a wide range of topics on farming and the food system, in a unique setting, as we are based on the well known pioneering farm SlowGrow. For work we envision a hybrid model, with the option for focused remote work as well as dedicated days on the farm for meetings, testing, learning and socializing with the team.


Workload: 80-100% | Start date: Spring 23 | Location: Mönchaltorf, Kanton Zurich. Option to work remotely 2-3 days per week

If you are interested, please fill in this short form and we will get back to you!

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